Swim50 USA

Teaching kids to swim 50 yards ... so they can safely enjoy the water.






My mother took me to pool safety classes when I was 9 months old. Just the basics ... relax, paddle to the edge, find the stairs. Honestly I don't remember it, but my parents were very keen on my safety when we had a backyard pool, even with a full perimeter fence.

I really learned to swim when I was 11, immediately practising with a starter group and quickly progressed to competitive swimming. I love to swim, to compete and helping other children learn to swim.


My first sport was golf, I had been swinging a club of one sort or another since about when I was 2. I learned to swim when I was 8, with my sister. After watching her compete at several meets, I started swimming competitively and pretty soon gave up golf. I love to swim fast.

What we do

Our goal is to teach children to be able to swim 50 yards efficiently and confidently, so that they are comfortable in the water.


First, we teach kids to float. Humans are 60% water, water is not your enemy or to be feared. Floating is the basis of learning how to swim.


Breathing is essential to calming the mind and getting the air to swim. We integrate what we have learned in Tai Chi, to breath with purpose.


A strong kick drives you through the water, giving you speed, endurance and your body high in the water.


Your arms give you balance as you breath and smooth your stroke.

Tuning technique

Fixing the problems of head and arm position or leg movement, to develop an effecient stroke.


Yoga is focused on breathing technique, balance and body position ... three of the key elements of swimming. So we are now integrating Yoga into our program.


Get in touch

If you would like more information about what we do, email us ... we love swimming and helping other kids.